Our Passion

We believe that children excel and have the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential when provided an individualized learning experience. From the start, we have passionately prioritized a focus on supporting the development of the most challenged learners.

Our History

SmartEdTech began as SpedK12, a company with a mission to improve speech and language abilities that often impede children with learning disabilities. We worked tirelessly to create a tablet-based curriculum that was used by parents, therapists and teachers to improve outcomes in speech development. SmartEdTech has grown to additionally support needs in the areas of early childhood and school readiness, response to intervention and English language acquisition. We now offer nearly 200 mobile learning activities designed to develop foundational skills in English language and literacy to learners across the country and around the world.

Nearly one million education applications have been published, generating over $1billion annually in revenue. For educators in the PK-12 space, the ongoing challenge has been the ability to leverage this vast amount of content in a way that supports the progression and development of learners.

To address this challenge, SmartEdTech has expanded our platform to more broadly support an individualized mobile learning experience. In addition to our embedded curriculum, customers can register the education apps they know and love within the SmartEdTech platform to create their own mobile learning content library. Content from the library can then be utilized to develop standards-based, personalized learning plans that address intervention goals and centralize performance reporting.