Mobile Learning Platform and Content
Aggregator for PK-12 Education

SmartEdTech manages the mobile learning content you use every day to create personalized learning plans, track student progress with skill development goals and deliver targeted recommendations.

A Centralized Mobile Learning Experience

Content Library

Create your own mobile learning content library by registering your favorite education apps in a platform that already includes nearly two-hundred embedded SmartEdTech content activities.

Learning Plans

Based on the skills you want to develop, SmartEdTech recommends a list of the most appropriate apps from which you can build a personalized learning plan for each student.

Standards Aligned Content

Follow the development of students against aligned academic, early childhood or English language proficiency standards.

Intervention Goals

The SmartEdTech goal generation engine simplifies the creation of skills-based intervention or IEP goals, while recommending mobile learning content to support them.

Performance Reporting

Graphic reports demonstrate student performance against assessed and practiced activities. Cumulative data can be measured across multiple apps, individual students, small groups, classrooms or schools.

School to Home Collaboration

Automated progress reports keep families involved in a student’s mobile learning experience, while built-in messaging fosters active communication among all stakeholders.

Extensive Content Library

Get a jump-start on building your mobile learning content library with nearly 200 SmartEdTech embedded activities designed to develop basic skills across multiple domains.

Grammar & Conventions
Writing & Composition
Speaking & Listening
Social & Emotional Development
Math & Cognition
Language & Communication

Engagement for All Learners

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